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St Clares 9 Books Enid Blyton Boxes Gift Set Children Classic Collection
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Enid Blyton St Clares Boxed Set Gift 9 Books Collection Classic Childrens books

Author : Enid Blyton

St Clares Books
Brand new collection of St.Clares Series collection of 9 books by author Enid Blyton. The Twins At St Clare's, Summer Term At St Clare's, Second Form At St Clare'sThe Third Form At St Clare's, Kittty At St Clare's Claudin At St Clare's, Fifth Formers At St Clare's, The Sixth Form At St Clare's.
9 Books Set

Description Title by Title

The Twins At St Clare's

School life has never been so splendid as in these editions of the classic series, St Clare's. Full of dilemmas and school pranks, this best-selling series keeps young readers looking forward to each and every term at St Clare's.

The O' Sullivan Twins

Ah, you English girls! There is nobody like you when you are nice!' said Mam'zelle. Pat and Isabel are determined to work hard this term. But it's just so tempting to play a few tricks on Mam'zelle
Summer Term At St Clare's
'I hate sneaks Worse than Anything. If you dare tell tales again, I'll make you Very SORRY.' Carlotta has a secret past! What will happen when sneaky Prudence tells the rest of the class?

Second Form at St Clare's

' Where is my knitting-bag?' said Pat, turning a whole drawer-full of things upside down. ' I know I brought it home at the end of last term.' ' I can only find one of my lacrosse boots,' wailed Isabel. ' Mummy, have you seen the other?' ' Yes, it came back from the bootmaker's yesterday,' said Mrs. O'Sullivan. ' Where did you put it?' ' Packing to go to school is always much more muddling than packing to come back home,' said Pat. ' I say. Isabel-won't it be fun to be in the second form this term?' ' Who is your form-teacher there? ' asked their mother, unpacking half Pat's things and packing them all over again.

The Third Form at St Clare's

As school term begins after the holidays, a terrible accident and a hilarious school play reveal the class leaders, as well as the cheaters and the cowards.

Kittty at St Clare's

St Clare's is a boarding-school for girls. The books follow the exploits of Patricia ("Pat") and Isabel O'Sullivan from their first form upwards. The series is full of the adventures the girls go through in St Clares, as they try their tricks and jokes, their midnight feasts, fun and friendship. Fun apart, school also means hard work, exams, problems, hot tempers, malice and snobbery. Certainly there's never a dull moment at St. Clare's!

Claudin at St Clare's

It's summer term again and the St Clare girls have taken a quantum leap into the fourth form, skipping the third entirely. One can understand how Blyton might overlook niggling details, considering the number of books she wrote, but didn't the publishers ever point out that the students skipped a whole year.No matter, Claudine at St Clare's is still one of the most delightful books in the series.This time the old girls have four new students to contend with, not to mention an evil Matron an interesting change from the wise and just authority figures that generally govern Blytonian schools.

Fifth Formers at St Clare's

The St. Clare's girls are now in the fifth form, shortly to go up into the sixth, but they are not too old for tricks and escapades, jokes and excitement. Especially amusing is French girl Antoinette who, like her sister Claudine, doesn't always understand the ways of St. Clare's.

The Sixth Form at St Clare's

The O'Sullivan twins are head girls! There's two cheeky first formers - more twins! - and a sulky new girl in the sixth form, Morag. Morag detests St Clare's. She's only happy when she can escape to the local riding stables. The twins are sad it's their last year at St Clare's. Before they leave, will they find out what's wrong with Morag?

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Product Brand : Egmont Books Ltd
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Author : Enid Blyton
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Format : Paperback
Subject : Childrens School stories
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Key Stage Age Group : Key Stage 2 Age 7 to 11
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