International Vegetables Day

Happy International Vegetables Day!


Finding drool-worthy, wholesome vegetarian food is not the easiest thing to find when you're out eating at a restaurant, but, it is super possible when you make it at home!

If you have given up meat, or just LOVE veggies in general, why not try out our cook books in our Vegetarian Range. We have a massive range of cook books just waiting for you to get your hands on! Our vegetarian cook books can help keep your meals interesting and satisfying, especially if you are a new vegetarian - you will get endless inspiration and ideas from our books. 

Being a vegetarian means celebrating all the food YOU can eat and not feeling down or upset about the foods you are unable to eat. You can discover colourful, bright foods in these cook books and it will make you keep coming back!


With love, from the Lowplex Books family.