Oxford Read With Biff, Chip & Kipper Phonics Level 1-3 33 Books Collection Set

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This Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper collection has been designed by reading experts to support you and your child through the early stages of learning to read. Each story has been carefully levelled and wonderfully illustrated so you can have lots of fun reading together, whilst practising the essential skills your child will be learning at school.
Titles in This Set
Helping your child read
Level 1
Kipper's Alphabet I Spy
Chip's Letter Sounds
Biff's Wonder Words
Floppy's Fun Phonics
Biff's Fun Phonics
Kipper's Rhymes
Level 2
I am Kipper
Cat in a Bag
The Red Hen
The Fizz-Buzz
Win a Nut
A Yak at the Picnic
Level 3
Such a Fuss
The Sing Song
The Backpack
First Stories
Level 1
Get On
Floppy Did This!
Up You Go
Six in a Bed
The Pancake
A Good Trick
Level 2
Funny Fish
Silly Races!
The Snowman
Dad's Birthday
Mum's New Hat
Picnic Time
Level 3
Poor Old Rabbit
I Can Trick a Tiger
Super Dad
Floppy and the Bone

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