Sea Quest Collection Adam Blade 4 Books Set Series 8 Pack Inc Gort, Gangor

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Sea Quest Collection Adam Blade 4 Books Set Series 8 Pack

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Titles in this set:

Gort - The Deadly Snatcher

Fangor - The Crunching Giant

Shelka - The Mighty Fortress

Loosejaw - The Nightmare Fish


The sensational new sci-fi series from the creator of 'Beast Quest'! Deep in the water lurks a new breed of Beast: a dire evil which swims beneath the seas of the planet Nemos. Max has always wondered what lies under the floating city of Aquora, in the dark depths of the ocean that lap its shores. And when a mysterious sea monster snatches his dad, it's time for Max to find out! Join Max as he wages war beneath the waves, facing terrifying marine monsters and mutants who threaten his planet. Does he have the courage, cunning and skill to win this epic conflict? Dive into 'Sea Quest' and live the adventure!

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