Secret Kingdom My Megical Adventure Collection 26 Books Limited Edition Box Set

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Secret Kingdom My Magical Adventure Collection 

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Secret Kingdom My Magical Adventure Collection 26 Books Limited Edition Box Set by Rosie Banks (Series 1-5): 


Secret Kingdom Series 1: 

Book -1: Enchanted Palace 

Book-2: Unicorn Valley 

Book-3: Cloud Island 

Book-4: Mermaid Reef 

Book -5: Magic Mountain 

Book-6: Glitter Beach 


Secret Kingdom Series 2: 

Book-7: Bubble Volcano 

Book-8: Sugarsweet Bakery 

Book -9: Dream Dale 

Book-10: Lily Pad Lake 

Book-11: Fairytale Forest 

Book-12: Midnight Maze 


Secret Kingdom Series 3: 

Book -13: Wildflower Wood 

Book-14: Swan Palace 

Book-15: Snow Bear Sanctuary 

Book-16: Phoenix Festival 

Book -17: Fancy Dress Party 

Book-18: Jewel Cavern 


Secret Kingdom Series 4: 

Book-19: Puppy Fun 

Book-20: Magic Seal 

Book -21: Glitter Bird 

Book-22: Rainbow Lion 

Secret Kingdom Series 5: 

Book-23: Emerald unicorn 

Book-24: Sapphire Spell 

Book-25: Diamond Wings 

Book-26: Ruby Riddle

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